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Call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 for nurse-led advice at any time.

This website has been designed to tell you about the practice and the services that we offer. Please read it carefully. We trust that you will find it helpful and informative.

Welcome to the Practice

The practice started in 1977 when Dr Lucille Mitchell set up her own practice at Forest Road, Loughton, with approximately 300 patients. Numbers grew very quickly and Dr Ide joined her in July of that same year. By the mid 1980s there were more than 5,000 patients and Dr Anthony O'Neil was recruited to the practice, which rapidly outgrew the tiny 'two up two down' premises.

In 1990 the practice moved to Station Road, was computerised and the practice manager gained her own office for the first time, rather than working in the kitchen! Dr Mitchell retired two years later but the practice continued to grow and the Station Road premises were extended twice to accommodate both staff and patients. By the end of the 90s both Dr Roberts and Dr Barnes had joined the practice along with one of our long-serving practice nurses, Leona.

In 2002 we were asked by the Health Authority to take over Dr Lawrence's practice following his retirement some two years earlier. This added a further 1500 patients to our list and we moved to purpose-built premises in Pyrles Lane, retaining Station Road as a branch surgery.

Dr Kerai joined us in November 2002 and Dr Patel in January 2004.

The practice area is defined as Loughton postcode IG10.

Practice News

Please note our TELEPHONE OPTIONS have changed

To CANCELL your appointment please press Option 1

To obtain your RESULT please press Option 2

To enquire on your NEW REGISTRATION and MEDICAL REPORT please Option 3

To speak to a RECEPTIONIST please press Option 4


FLU CLINIC - If you are entitled to the Flu jab, please call and book your appointment at the Forest Practice. 

Flu Immunisation

We have had a very successful flu campaign this year.  If you are in the at risk group or over 65 and have not yet had your injection please make an appointment with reception. 

On line bookings and prescription requests

Can we remind you that we offer the facility to register on line to make your appointments and to request repeat prescriptions.  Please ask at reception for the information you need to do this. The practice also has the ability to text message patient’s simple messages, if you would like to avail yourself of this service please ensure we have an up to date mobile number for you.


The Patient Participation Group Meeting

The next Patient Participation Group Meeting will be held on Monday 27th Janurary 2014 at 1pm, at Pyles Lane Surgery.  All welcome, we look forward to seeing new faces.

Forest Practice Patients

Coeliac and Gluten Free Friends Meeting - Tuesday January 28th


The PPG are holding an event on Tuesday 28th January at 5pm through to 6.30pm at Pyrles Lane for any Forest Practice patients who are coeliac or have to avoid gluten in their diet.  It will be an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation, collect some information and also to swop recipes and ideas - generally just have a get together!

Any queries you can email Karen on hhhkaren@gmail.com or ask at reception.

Please feel free to drop in and say hello!



Minutes of PPG Meeting 11 November 2013

1.    Opening of Meeting – Mr Clark (chairman) opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.

2.    Minutes from the last meeting

Nothing arising from last minutes of meeting.

Gluten & Coeliac  - It was discussed that the poster for the next meeting had not been received yet so agreed that they should go ahead with a date in January 2014 and this will be arranged with LA Tuesday 12th November 2013.

3.    CQC Visit

RR informed that the Practice has had a visit from CQC and the overall result was Very Good.  The Practice passed on Green for everything apart from a couple of minor faults in nurse LF’s room which have now been rectified.  When asked if this was a new thing, RR reported that it was and in general CQC only give 48hours notice before they visit so very pleased with this result.  PPG congratulated RR and the Practice

4.    Get Well Card – Colin Harris

A Get Well card was passed around for members to sign for Colin Harris

5.    Essex Stroke Services

RR reported that the Practice had received information from NHS England outlining proposals for Hyper-Acute Stroke Units in Colchester, Chelmsford, Basildon and Queens (Romford).  It was discussed with some members concerned about travelling further distances before being seen but RR explained  these Hyper Units would be better equipped to deal with patients than a general hospital or even a private hospital as they would have the expertise and equipment necessary to give more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment faster, even with longer ambulance journeys.  Viewpoints from patients will be most welcome.

6.    GPC on the implementation of the care and data

RR presented advantages for Patients agreeing to share information by outlining that if patients needed to attend A & E, or a GP whilst on holiday for e.g. these organisations would be able to access the patient’s records for current medication and history etc. enabling them to give better treatment.  It was discussed and asked why patients wouldn’t agree to this and RR explained that maybe some patients have relatives that work within the healthcare services and worried that they may be able to access their information. 

2nd Part  - It was discussed that the second part of this was for research bodies to gather specific data (not full records) to be able to review the health of the nation for example, how many people suffer with Diabetes

7.    PELC – Out of Hours

RR informed that Whipps Cross Hospital have an Out of Hours walk in centre and although there have been problems recently with industrial action as Dr’s feeling they are over worked with very poor work conditions, no shifts have been left unattended.  PAH walk in centre is now closed.  RR suggested patients should inform the Practice if they have experienced care being at risk.

8.    Case for Change Cardiovascular and Cancer Service “public consultation”

RR reported that the Practice had received information from NHS England outlining a review for specialised cancer and cardiovascular services in North and East London (similar to the Hyper Acute Stroke Units).

9.    Shingles

The Shingles vaccine was offered to a specific age group this year 70 and 79 for the first time.  When asked why, RR informed that there was no real reason for this but there is only a certain amount of this vaccine available at present which suggests the only reason.  It is only available through NHS not privately.

10.  Any Other Business - JC informed that he had dug over the garden to the right of the practice and would welcome donations of any seeds for planting as unable to buy them from Homebase or garden centres at the moment.

Blood tests - KC asked if patients could request blood tests/scans that are not routinely offered by GP’s.  RR informed that referrals need to meet strict criteria but have an option to request privately being referred firstly through GP NHS Health Checks are offered to patients that do not suffer from long term illness i.e. Diabetes, COPD.

Choice of Doctor - It was discussed if it is better for patients to see same Dr’s each time for continuity of care.  RR reported that depending on the circumstances of illness, patients can request to see Dr of their choice but if that particular Dr is not available and patients need to be seen more urgently then it would be wise to consult with any Dr available on that day.

Vandalism - It was asked if there had been any improvement regarding vandalism and RR informed it is less of a problem and generally worse during summer months

Prevention of Arthritis - Request for Leona Foster to give a talk on Prevention of Arthritis at January meeting.