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Call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 for nurse-led advice at any time.

This website has been designed to tell you about the practice and the services that we offer. Please read it carefully. We trust that you will find it helpful and informative.

Welcome to the Practice

The practice started in 1977 when Dr Lucille Mitchell set up her own practice at Forest Road, Loughton, with approximately 300 patients. Numbers grew very quickly and Dr Ide joined her in July of that same year. By the mid 1980s there were more than 5,000 patients and Dr Anthony O'Neil was recruited to the practice, which rapidly outgrew the tiny 'two up two down' premises.

In 1990 the practice moved to Station Road, was computerised and the practice manager gained her own office for the first time, rather than working in the kitchen! Dr Mitchell retired two years later but the practice continued to grow and the Station Road premises were extended twice to accommodate both staff and patients. By the end of the 90s both Dr Roberts and Dr Barnes had joined the practice along with one of our long-serving practice nurses, Leona.

In 2002 we were asked by the Health Authority to take over Dr Lawrence's practice following his retirement some two years earlier. This added a further 1500 patients to our list and we moved to purpose-built premises in Pyrles Lane, retaining Station Road as a branch surgery.

Dr Kerai joined us in November 2002 and Dr Patel in January 2004.

The practice area is defined as Loughton postcode IG10.

Practice News

FLU CLINIC - If you are entitled to the Flu jab, please call and book your appointment at the Forest Practice. 

On line bookings and prescription requests

Can we remind you that we offer the facility to register on line to make your appointments and to request repeat prescriptions.  Please ask at reception for the information you need to do this. The practice also has the ability to text message patient’s simple messages, if you would like to avail yourself of this service please ensure we have an up to date mobile number for you.


The Patient Participation Group Meeting

The next Patient Participation Group Meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th November 2014 at 1pm, at Pyles Lane Surgery.  All welcome, we look forward to seeing new faces.

Forest Practice Patients  Minutes from Meeting held September 2014

Maters From Last Meeting

·         B.Yorke queried the online appointment system with regards to single or double appointment.  Single appointment is 10mins, double appointment is 20mins.  RR explained that if patients only need to discuss one problem then a single appointment is sufficient.  If patients know they have several problems to discuss then a double appointment can be booked.  The majority of patients understand and use their own discretion when booking a double appointment.

·         It was asked why the over 75’s have been allocated a GP.  RR explained that this has been put in place by the Government to enhance continuity with GP and Patient although they are welcome to choose to see any GP especially if an emergency appointment is required.

Chairman Nominations

·         RR informed the group that an email will be sent out asking if anyone would be interested in becoming Chairman of the PPG and gave a brief outline of what is expected from being the Chairman.  RR and LF will continue to in this role in the meantime.

Colin Harris – Public Governors of West Essex

·         RR informed the group that Colin Harris (CH) had been accepted onto the Public Governors of West Essex board and congratulated him. CH informed the group of the selection process he encountered for this position.  He explained that it is a 3 year term which deals with Mental Health Services, Social Care, District Nurses, Physio and Podiatry Services etc within Essex, Bedfordshire and Luton area.  He will be introduced to all the other new members and will be sent on an induction course.  All members of the PPG congratulated CH and said they were very proud of his achievement.

Staff Changes

·         RR informed that salaried GP Dr R. Stone will be leaving the end of October and that the Practice wish her well and very sorry to see her go. 

·         Salaried GP Dr Gopal Mehta will be starting at the end of October replacing Dr Stone.

·         RR informed that Dr Ying-Young Hui and Dr Claudia Carmaciu are registrars that have chosen to return to our practice again for the next stage of their training.

·         Anne Marsh informed that we have two new receptionists Julie Hisgrove who replaced Tracy Skinner who has now joined our admin team and Corinne Hill who has replaced Pat Healy.

·         Mr Stroud enquired if the PPG had any input in the choosing of new staff.  RR informed that they had not been but would welcome this and explained that it would entail them being trained on equal opportunities.

Hip Replacement

·         It was brought to the attention of the group of an article in the Echo newspaper about Hip Replacement operations are becoming like a “postcode lottery” at Southend Hospital.  RR informed that this practice offer medication in the first instance and if this is not successful, then ask “do they need an operation”, “do they want an operation”, then refer on.

Patient Experience

·         RR informed that the new GP Dr Gopal Mehta will be having routine clinics from 4pm – 6pm to help alleviate the afternoon clinics.

·         Improvements in the reception area to try and combat the noise and confidentiality issues have been put in place, firstly by installing a screen to allow patients some confidentiality.  As carpets and soft furnishings cannot be installed due to health and hygiene reasons, the old notes room beside reception area is being organised in order that 2 receptionist can work there dealing with telephone calls/queries and 2 receptionists work at the front desk thus reducing the level of noise.

Clinical Topics

·         RR informed that all GP surgeries have approx. 2% of patients that are most likely to need admitting to hospital.  We have started putting in place a care plan for these patients which helps patients through the process from GP referral, ambulance, to hospital.  Ken Morgan reported that this was outstanding from his own personal experience.

·         A new program for Frail Patients Care Plan is in the process but not yet available.  This is an electronic chip which has patient’s medical information.  This chip is then given to the patient to keep with them and in the event of needing medical assistance i.e Casualty, can give this chip to them and they can upload the patient’s information.

·         RR reported that the CCG compare all local GP surgeries referral rates to see the highest areas of referrals eg: 2 week cancer referrals, casualty etc.  Whilst our practice are quite high we are by no means the highest, but the CCG have not been comparing the referrals with positive outcomes post referral ie the degree of justification.


·         It was asked how hygienic it was for patients to be signing in on the touch screen and asked if something could be put in place.  RR suggested that an antibacterial hand gel could be put up by the board.

·         One attendee noted that when seeing Dr Roberts, who has GP registrars sitting in with her, there was a notice attached to this effect, to the check in notice board. Clarification was asked as to whether this meant the patient had to rebook.  It was explained this was not the case, it means the patient can ask that the registrars do not sit in.  Its was asked that that a prepared notice be made by reception for all the doctors when the have registrars sitting in.

·         It was asked why only certain age groups are offered the Shingles Vaccination.  RR informed that this is run by the government and not our decision.  RR informed the dates of the forthcoming Flu clinics are now available to book.

·         RR informed that all patients over 75yrs have been offered a Health Check with Jacqui the nurse and most patients aged between 45yrs and 75yrs have been contacted and welcome to book health checks.

·         RR was asked if the petition against the closure of GP surgeries had been successful.  RR reported that some major closures will be occurring ie Jubilee Street, London but although our practice has significant budget cuts we are not in danger of closure.

·         RR requested members email Louisa Adams with their nominations for a new Chairperson.  RR also asked members if they know of others who would like to join the PPG as more are welcome.

·         It was asked if the agenda could have a standard notice put on it informing that these meetings are about the practice and not patient’s personal complaints. 

·         RR requested the PPG think about suggestions/new ideas, interest to other patients and appropriate information to put on the website to discuss at the next meeting.







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